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  • I have had nothing but great customer service experiences each time that I've been in a Hickam FCU branch and worked with a loan officer. Shirley and Disse were both great and had made me feel so comfortable to keep doing business here at this credit union!! I'm grateful to have been able to work these two amazing people! Jeremiah, Member since 2022
  • Tracy helped me get my online banking login reset. And I was able to help her find a video of an Okinawan singing group on YouTube. I'd say that was a win/win situation. Bruce, Member since 1982
  • For over a decade, my wife and I struggled with past tax debt and financial mistakes, creating a situation where a refinance of our home was the best solution for us. With the help of Jacob and Iris at Hickam FCU, they worked tirelessly to guide and assist us through the entire process. Now, with their kokua, our refinance was a success, allowing us to move forward on a wonderful new financial path. Grant, Member since 2020
  • Saving me at 5:59 pm by letting me in the door. By far the best branch and most convenient. Vicky is always a pleasure and has helped me in so many ways. Melody, Member since 2017
  • I applied for the World Mastercard, Nanette was gracious enough to bring this card to my attention to apply. I did, which Tabatha assisted me once approved. Both of them were very helpful throughout the process, very professional, from start to finish. Thank you Hickam FCU for these great and very helpful employees! Calvin, Member since 1996
  • By hiring Iris, she has been a joy doing business with. I feel like I have a personal banker. She always completes the task I ask her, and she is knowledgeable in all aspects of banking. I highly suggest anyone dealing with Hickam FCU seek out Iris for their business. Five stars in every way. Thank you, Iris. Michael, Member since 2017
  • Mary Anne helped me open a new account. Explained use of checking/savings, advised on account safety on computer transactions and was thoroughly professional and knowledgeable. Ken, Member since 2009
  • Thank you Big shout out for the wonderful member service I have received! Oh, love the new update on your online service, whereby we can do transfers ourselves to other member accounts and over the $500 limit(multiple transactions)???? Much thanks to Jason in the loan department for his help in my times of need! He is so courteous and comes across very caring and helpful! He really epitomizes the Credit Union motto “People helping People”. Thank you Jason for “Making a difference for me!’ His tone of voice and delivery, excellent???? Thank you also to Patricia in the Call Center Dept. in helping me do a transfer that needed an exception due to limit amount!! With the new service, will not need to bother them with this!! Also from the Call Center Dept., Mahalo to Ke'ale for patiently walking me through the process of your new Online Service! With this new service, I guess I won’t be bothering the Call Center Dept., freeing them to service others more timely! Thank You Hickam FCU. Pala, Member since 1980
  • I was having difficulty with the new Hickam FCU app logging into my bill payment. I called HFCU for help and Apple Support Care. Saua worked patiently and professionally taking time to walk me through solving my problem. I just could not open up my bill payment due to a blockage of cookies and browser problems. 5 days passed with no luck, I took my iPad to the Apple Store to check my iPad why I could not log on. The problem was corrected and fixed. Saua called me couple days later to check if I was able to open up my online account. She was concerned knowing I was a senior citizen having difficulty navigating my online banking. I was impressed when she took her time to check on me if I needed more assistance. Excellent customer service!! Saua is caring and very knowledgeable on what she does. HFCU is very lucky having such an outstanding employee. She's a keeper! Jacqueline, Member since 2013
  • I was first stationed at Wheeler AFB in 1968 and became a member shortly thereafter. I have had numerous interacting with Hickam Federal Credit Union and the last couple experiences with them has been outstanding. Mikie from the Mililani Branch just might be the top of the bunch. Right from our first contact she has been right there with all the answers to my questions. Thank you for being there. Ronald, Member since 1970s
  • SJ helped me transfer funds in my account with another credit union to Hickam FCU. She closed my number Christmas Savings which have been inactive. I really appreciate her taking the time to do this for me. Esther, Member since 2006
  • Gina helped me get my loan approved! Now I can look forward to getting my new smile! Thank you. Keith, Member since 2005
  • Tracy did a very efficient and courteous job in closing out my IRA. She returned my emails and phone calls quickly. She went the extra mile in explaining the process and timeframe required. Pharris, Member since 1980
  • Gina's very helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable in answering all our questions about getting our second loan and opening my first credit card. She's very welcoming and made us comfortable in making our decisions. We are happy that we came to Hickam and satisfied with our needs. The Caluzas, Members since 2012
  • I had a problem with my account yesterday August 18, 2022 and Trina at the Hickam Federal Credit Union, Mililani branch went above, beyond to help me out and fixed it right away. She is very nice and helpful! She has an outstanding performance and excellent customer service! Mikie helped me and gave me excellent services for my loan, checking and savings account in February 2022. Every time I have been at Hickam Federal Credit Union, Mililani branch, she is always friendly and if I need help, she is always willing to help. She is incredibly professional and friendly officer. She is ABSOLUTELY the best ever. I have never encountered a bank that totally helps as well as understands their customers. Trina and Mikie really make me feel like an important person. I HIGHLY recommend using Hickam Federal Credit Union, Mililani branch. Excellent and speedy customer service. Really good branch with competent staff. Great and good bank and very good customer service at this location. This bank has an awesome team and a dedicated staff. I am very impressed by their vision, hard work, outstanding performance, and wonderful team-mates. Their reputation is well-earned. Emelina, Member since 2022
  • Hickam FCU has the BEST staff! Always friendly and willing to help, courteous and kind. All. The. Time. Naomi,
  • Hickam FCU has been a big help to us since we became members. This is our third car that's financed through them. Whenever we need help with our family situations, they're always there to lend a hand through our loan approvals. They are fast and efficient in loan approval. We are loyal in doing business with them. Their customer service is excellent and Jacob was one of them. Mahalo for your service. Laolao, Member since 2003
  • Keanan, thank you for everything that you do. I have appreciated all of your hard work, ethic, and dedication. You truly are an asset to Hickam FCU and I send prayers for your continued success in your endeavors. Please also send my appreciation and regards to your loan team, they're awesome. Veronica, Member since 2017
  • I had opened my accounts at the Kapolei location about 6 years ago and I can say that I have always had a great and friendly experience at this location. The workers were pleasant and gave good customer service. The Assistant Branch Manager Shaleia is one of the most helpful and supportive employees. She most definitely took time to explain about the products they had to offer rather it be a Personal or Car Loan, she would take the time to explain the terms and rates thoroughly. Not too much banks I know would do this but she has and it's been such a Big Help for me and my Ohana!! So if you're looking to get a loan or refinance, this is the Credit Union to help you 100%. Mahalo! Cherese, Member since 2016
  • Eric helped me cash out a matured CD. He has opened multiple CDs for me over the years. He has always been extremely personable and professional. Hickam FCU Kahala is located in a convenient location with easy access and minimal wait times. Paul, Member since 2015
  • My wife and I would like to recognize three of your employees for their outstanding customer support. Their names are Ms. Amanda, Ms. Patricia, and Ms. Nyla... We've been HFCU members for almost 20 years and appreciate your staff going the extra mile for us... especially in the time of need. Their devotion to duty and selfless efforts are the real reasons my wife and I have chosen to remain HFCU members after moving to the mainland. CMSgt Sharpe, Member since 2003
  • Shirley helped save me from paying high interest for my loan through another bank. Allowed me to have some extra money on the side with the help of this low-interest rate loan from you folks. Naomi, Member since 2022
  • Vicky was just a great help today! I'm so grateful for all her extra help, going out of her way to help with my mobile banking! Jaenalyn, Member since 2016
  • Emme was a very helpful person and committed that everything was set up correctly. Full confidence we have everything we need. Highly recommend. Trent, Member
  • Nenette helped my son find a share branch in Virginia where he was able to access his Hickam Savings account. Mahalo Nenette. Micah,
  • Gina is a very exceptional employee. She extended a nice greeting upon welcome and knew how to communicate her service well. It was a fun and pleasant experience while refinancing my loan. I've been with HFCU for many years, and I will definitely come back again. You guys do great work! Greg,
  • Susan provided exceptional service to assist in refinancing our vehicle. Went above and beyond to ensure we had all documents to complete our appointment! Jessica, Member since 2022
  • Mililani Branch is always friendly service, personable, and calls me by my name as they greet me. Janel, Member since 2002
  • I would like to compliment Tonya for the excellent services she provided me. Tonya helped me to close out the account of my deceased parents. They were long-time members of Hickam Federal Credit Union while living on O'ahu for over 25 years. Even after leaving O'ahu to move to California (to be closer to their grandkids), they still continued to use HFCU.

    Tonya made the process easy, simple, and very pleasant. Her demeanor is very caring, considerate, and definitely showed that great aloha spirit that I'm accustomed to and miss so much. Her professionalism and ability in the situation quickly exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much! HFCU is fortunate to have such a great team member!

  • Manager Tina is always there for us to assist all our accounts. She is very professional, knowledgeable, and detailed in answering our questions and requests. Rating 1-10, she is "50". P.S. We need her to take care of us!!! The Waters, Members since 1992
  • My wife and I have been members for over 30 years and we love this credit union. We had loans from Hickam FCU. We recently took out a small car loan it was so easy. We started at the Mililani Branch with Mary-Anne helping us getting the paperwork started, but we needed to get some documents to close the deal. Mary-Anne told us we could go to the Kahala Mall Kiosk (the closest branch to us) to finish the paperwork. There we saw Susan who completed the loan process. Happy to say, we got the loan. What made the experience so wonderful is that it took a team effort to get the job done. Shows how excellent the credit union is. We love it at Hickam FCU and will plan to stay a long time. The Kims, Members since 1990
  • Mikie helped me obtain a loan. She made the process expedient and easy. Her warm, caring "aloha" spirit touched me - I miss the Hawaiian kindness and aloha. I need a return visit soon. Mahalo Mikie for helping me and for your pleasant professionalism. Katherine, Member since 1992
  • Thank you Hickam FCU & Destiny at the Kaneohe Branch for helping me always. After this visit, I'm planning to switch banks and only be a member of Hickam FCU. Again, thank you so much! Brandi, Member since 2021
  • I needed cash in small bills and my rep Trina was SOOO helpful and patient counting it all out! A+ customer service. Edward, Member since 2008
  • Talofa, you guys helped me and my other half a lot. I can't explain or tell but you guys are awesome! No other words but you helped us out and we're looking forward to more things with the Pearlridge Branch. Very friendly and showing aloha at all times! Thank you Hickam FCU. AJ, Member since 2019
  • Destiny helped clear a question about possible fraud issue. She was very helpful and professional. I was satisfied that my account was safe after speaking with her. Kevin, Member since 2016

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