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Hickam FCU. Caring for Our Members with Integrity and Commitment

These are unprecedented times as our lives have been disrupted by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Everyday normal life and activities for ourselves, families, businesses, and the communities we work and live in has been turned upside down. It is Hickam Federal Credit Union’s mission of making a difference by assisting members who need our help, especially in times like this. 

If you are being financially impacted due to job loss or employment changes as a result of the coronavirus health threat, please feel free and call us to arrange help and assistance with our Member Accommodation services. 

Member Accommodation Plan

 Hickam FCU has a three-fold plan to assist members in need:

  • Basic Budget/Financial Counseling,
  • Loan Extensions and Deferments, and
  • Penalty Fee Waiver for Timed Deposits

 We are here to help you in any way. Our Core Values of Caring, Integrity and Commitment will carry us through these tough times. Together, we will persevere. Call us at 808-423-1391 and a staff member will be able to assist you with your needs.


Amendment to the Hickam FCU By-Laws Effective July 21, 2020.

By affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members of the Hickam FCU Board of Directors at a duly held meeting thereof on July 21, 2020, a resolution was adopted to amend Article VI, Section 1 of the bylaws to read:

 The board consists of seven members, all of whom must be members of this credit union.  By resolution, the board may change the number of directors to an odd number not fewer than 5 or more than 15. The board may not reduce the number of directors unless there is a corresponding vacancy as a result of death, resignation, expiration of term of office, or other action provided by these bylaws. The board must file a copy of the resolution covering any increase or decrease in the number of directors with the official copy of the bylaws.



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