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Aerial shot of the Koolau Mountain Range above Pearl City

Green Energy Initiative

Hickam Federal Credit Union Completes Green Energy Initiative
by Installing Rooftop Solar System

Hickam Federal Credit Union has completed a year-long green energy initiative by installing a rooftop solar system on our 32,000-square-foot Pearl City Branch Headquarters. The 287-panel solar system is expected to generate approximately 185 megawatt hours of energy per year, significantly reducing our reliance on traditional energy sources. In addition, the green energy initiative aligns with Hickam FCU's commitment to sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint.

"We are thankful to the community partners who worked with us to make this initiative a reality and are proud to help the State of Hawaii inch closer to their renewal energy goals," says Scott Kaulukukui, President and CEO of Hickam FCU.

By transitioning to renewable energy, Hickam FCU is demonstrating not only our dedication to the environment but also our commitment to providing better value and benefits to members. The cost savings from reduced energy usage will allow the credit union to allocate more resources towards enhancing member experiences and offering competitive products and services. This initiative showcases our holistic approach to sustainability and member satisfaction.


Green Energy Initiative Snapshot

287 solar panels, 380 home powered, 350 barrels of oil eliminated, 185 megawatt hours produced, 142+ tons of CO2 emissions eliminatedFigures are approximate estimates.

Additional Green Energy Initiatives

Did you know Hickam FCU offers several products and services that can help you contribute to reducing carbon emissions and making a positive impact on the environment?

  • Electric vehicle charging stations located at our Pearl City Branch Headquarters. Stop by and plug in today!
  • Discounted rates for Eco-Auto Loans to finance the new or used electric or hybrid vehicle of your dreams.
  • Low-Rate Eco-Personal Loans to help with photovoltaic or solar water heater system installation.
  • Free e-Statements, which allows members to receive financial statements and notices electronically instead of being printed on paper and mailed. Start reducing waste today!

Save Gas. save electricity. save money. save our environment. Eco loans now available for your energy saving needs. discounted loan rate for electric or hybrid vehicles or photovoltaic (pv) and/or solar water heater systems. Apply Today.

All loans are subject to qualifications and credit approval. Certain terms and conditions apply. Hickam FCU membership required. Rates are subject to change without notice.

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