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  • Hickam FCU has been a big help to us since we became members. This is our third car that's financed through them. Whenever we need help with our family situations, they're always there to lend a hand through our loan approvals. They are fast and efficient in loan approval. We are loyal in doing business with them. Their customer service is excellent and Jacob was one of them. Mahalo for your service. Laolao, Member since 2003
  • Recently, I met with the very professional and efficient Mary Anne. She assisted me in obtaining a new mortgage loan. My husband died earlier this year, and I needed to obtain a loan for a smaller amount to lower my monthly payments. Mary Anne discussed all the details with my son and me, listed the necessary documents needed, and very patiently answered all of our questions so that we could accurately complete the forms provided. I want you to know how much we appreciated Mary Anne's kind assistance, especially during this time of pandemic and personal grief. Marsha,
  • Keanan, thank you for everything that you do. I have appreciated all of your hard work, ethic, and dedication. You truly are an asset to Hickam FCU and I send prayers for your continued success in your endeavors. Please also send my appreciation and regards to your loan team, they're awesome. Veronica, Member since 2017
  • Nenette helped us with banking needs with exceptional service. She is always pleasant to deal with and she is my go-to person for all my needs at the branch. We need more folks with infectious and positive vibes like her. "The best"... Mohamad, Member since 2018
  • SJ helped me transfer funds in my account with another credit union to Hickam FCU. She closed my number Christmas Savings which have been inactive. I really appreciate her taking the time to do this for me. Esther, Member since 2006
  • Gina's very helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable in answering all our questions about getting our second loan and opening my first credit card. She's very welcoming and made us comfortable in making our decisions. We are happy that we came to Hickam and satisfied with our needs. The Caluzas, Members since 2012
  • I have been a member of Hickam since 2002. I've stayed because of their great service and reasonable rates for savings and loans. This particular branch has been my go to for the past four years. Even through the height of the pandemic they've been available to help us members. Elizabeth, Member since 2002
  • Ms. Nenette assisted me every step of the way with activating my debit card after I kept having issues with the authentication code. She also made sure to update my account with my new address. Lastly, she offered me the opportunity to get a new credit card & informed me that I could transfer my balance from my current card! She's excellent! Matthew, Member since 2021
  • Thank you Big shout out for the wonderful member service I have received! Oh, love the new update on your online service, whereby we can do transfers ourselves to other member accounts and over the $500 limit(multiple transactions)???? Much thanks to Jason in the loan department for his help in my times of need! He is so courteous and comes across very caring and helpful! He really epitomizes the Credit Union motto “People helping People”. Thank you Jason for “Making a difference for me!’ His tone of voice and delivery, excellent???? Thank you also to Patricia in the Call Center Dept. in helping me do a transfer that needed an exception due to limit amount!! With the new service, will not need to bother them with this!! Also from the Call Center Dept., Mahalo to Ke'ale for patiently walking me through the process of your new Online Service! With this new service, I guess I won’t be bothering the Call Center Dept., freeing them to service others more timely! Thank You Hickam FCU. Pala, Member since 1980
  • Ms. Juan sat with us to discuss a possible scam. This resulted in a necessity to close all existing accounts and reopen with new account numbers. Ms. Juan very patiently, efficiently, carefully and kindly sat with us and did all of this; it took her a couple of hours! We are extremely grateful and thankful; she avoided an almost disastrous financial incident for us. Helen,
  • Tracy was very helpful and followed up on a transfer to my rollover IRA. She knows what she's doing, sometimes people don't do their jobs to help customers. She gave me outstanding customer service. Lung, Member since 1990
  • I am handling my late father's trust and this included selling a house. I needed documents notarized. Mikie was compassionate and helpful and patient with all my questions. Banking with Hickam FCU always feels good. When they ask how I am or give their condolences on my father's passing, it always feels sincere. As a member for 20+ years, I am forever appreciative of the wonderful Mililani Branch staff! Amy, Member since 2000
  • I was having difficulty with the new Hickam FCU app logging into my bill payment. I called HFCU for help and Apple Support Care. Saua worked patiently and professionally taking time to walk me through solving my problem. I just could not open up my bill payment due to a blockage of cookies and browser problems. 5 days passed with no luck, I took my iPad to the Apple Store to check my iPad why I could not log on. The problem was corrected and fixed. Saua called me couple days later to check if I was able to open up my online account. She was concerned knowing I was a senior citizen having difficulty navigating my online banking. I was impressed when she took her time to check on me if I needed more assistance. Excellent customer service!! Saua is caring and very knowledgeable on what she does. HFCU is very lucky having such an outstanding employee. She's a keeper! Jacqueline, Member since 2013
  • The Hickam Branch made the process of receiving an auto loan for the first time really simple and fast. Christopher, Member since 2021
  • SJ was very patient and helpful with updating my account information and assisting me with closing my Estate Account. She explained each step + kept me informed while completing my transactions. Very sweet + full of aloha. Janelle, Member since 2018
  • Mr.  Keanan was very helpful in providing the information on my joint account. He especially spent a little extra time on explaining to me the account # and member # differences. He definitely went above and beyond in his excellent customer service!! This young man was eager to answer all my questions and made sure I understood everything. I never felt rushed when he assisted me and still asked me if there was anything else he could help me with. I truly am thankful he helped me.

    Rebecca, Member since 2021
  • Saua helped me to find the statement of debit. She is knowledgeable of all the questions I asked about the statement of my checking account. Ligaya, Member since 1997
  • I was having trouble with logging in online. I spoke to Dannela and she got everything set up and good to go. I very much enjoy the new online banking layout. Elliot, Member since 2020
  • My wife and I would like to recognize three of your employees for their outstanding customer support. Their names are Ms. Amanda, Ms. Patricia, and Ms. Nyla... We've been HFCU members for almost 20 years and appreciate your staff going the extra mile for us... especially in the time of need. Their devotion to duty and selfless efforts are the real reasons my wife and I have chosen to remain HFCU members after moving to the mainland. CMSgt Sharpe, Member since 2003
  • Tracy helped me get my online banking login reset. And I was able to help her find a video of an Okinawan singing group on YouTube. I'd say that was a win/win situation. Bruce, Member since 1982
  • I was helped with a consolidation loan. From the start of a call to Hickam FCU was awesome. My appointment was great. Mary Anne was very sincere and caring and worked with me to help me out. It was very successful and now I can breathe with relief with Mary Anne's help. Thank you so much! Yvonne,
  • Nenette went above and beyond in customer service to assist me with long distancing financing options to conveniently pay at Hickam Branch. Faith, Member since 2003
  • Marry Anne made the loan process easy. She made us feel at ease and explained the terms well so we could understand. She took the time to be sure the loan we applied for best suited our needs. Tammy,
  • Talofa, you guys helped me and my other half a lot. I can't explain or tell but you guys are awesome! No other words but you helped us out and we're looking forward to more things with the Pearlridge Branch. Very friendly and showing aloha at all times! Thank you Hickam FCU. AJ, Member since 2019
  • Nenette helped me with a withdrawal. She is always willing to answer my questions about my account. Very professional, nice and kind. She has been helping me for years. She treats me like a friend or her family. She is always there to help me. Bernadeth, Member since 1991
  • Gina is a very exceptional employee. She extended a nice greeting upon welcome and knew how to communicate her service well. It was a fun and pleasant experience while refinancing my loan. I've been with HFCU for many years, and I will definitely come back again. You guys do great work! ,
  • Gina helped me get my loan approved! Now I can look forward to getting my new smile! Thank you. Keith, Member since 2005
  • Saua was extremely helpful and very courteous. Appreciated someone like that to talk to, thank you for helping us. Dennis, Member since 2018
  • I get overwhelmed and fearful of traveling, but Keanan helped me put my money in the right areas. He helped me prepare for the Covid-19 testing when coming back from California to Hawaii. Patricia, Member since 2004

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