Online and Mobile Banking Features that Detect and Protect Against Identity Theft

Nov 15, 2022


Equip yourself with the tools to prevent and detect identity theft attempts. By using our Hickam FCU Online and Mobile Banking, you can take advantage of various features to keep you and your finances safe. 


Accounts Summary

Here is a quick and convenient way to check your most recent transactions. By logging on to Online Banking or using our Mobile App, you can check your transactions as frequently as you want. This will enable you to catch suspicious activity early. You can also set up “Alerts” for an extra sense of security. Alerts can be customized to send you a notification depending on several factors including the specific account you want to monitor, the type of transaction that is occurring, and the amount being transacted.


Card Control

Similarly, with our Hickam FCU Card Control App, you can monitor and set up alerts for transactions made on your debit and credit cards. If you lose your card or suspect fraudulent activity, you can even lock your card through the app to prevent thieves from using it.


Credit Score

Your credit score and report can give key indicators if your identity has been compromised. Hickam FCU members can check their credit as often as they like at no charge through Credit Sense in Online and Mobile Banking. This comprehensive report contains your credit score and the different factors that comprise it. Keep an eye out for red flags like higher-than-normal utilization or inquiries that you did not make.



Enroll in eStatements to receive your statement in a quick and secure fashion. eStatements can be accessed within Online and Mobile Banking from anywhere and at any time. This is faster and safer than waiting for a paper statement to arrive in the mail. Paper statements can also be stolen from unsecured mailboxes. Make the switch to eStatements today.


Take advantage of all these features to keep your identity and finances safe. If you suspect fraudulent activity, please contact us at 808-423-1391 (Oahu only) or toll-free at 800-432-4328.