Buying a Car in this Economy?

Oct 5, 2021

Having a hard time finding a car to buy? You're not alone. There are fewer cars at dealerships due to a microchip shortage and it is causing supply to go down and prices to go up. Here are a few tips if you are trying to get a new set of wheels (new or used).

1. Sort out your finances beforehand

  • Save for a down payment and the monthly payment. A larger down payment may qualify you for a lower rate. Depending on the purchase price of the car, a down payment may not even be required. Call us today! Loans 808-432-9888.

  • Build your credit score to a good range. A better score can help you get a better rate.
  • If you are serious about buying, get pre-approved through Hickam FCU. Use your pre-approval to strengthen your negotiating power and avoid dealer markups.

2. Go for last year's models (or even the year before)

A low inventory means you will need to be flexible with your needs and wants. Many current models are out of stock so you may have more success by considering older models. When looking online, sort the listings from oldest to newest.


3. Get in contact with a local salesperson

>You want to be one of the first to know when a new shipment of vehicles arrives. Get to know a reputable local salesperson, especially one who is responsive.

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