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Credit & Debit Card Conversion

In our commitment to providing the highest quality member service and benefits available, Hickam FCU is constantly striving to improve ways to serve you, our members. That is why 2021 brings some exciting changes to our credit cards.

Effective Monday, February 22, we are consolidating all of our card processing and card management services with Fiserv, a global leader of fintech and payments services. It will add efficiency to our credit cards management while allowing us to restructure our card programs with a new look, new reward levels, enhanced benefits and the latest security features including contactless payments.

Key dates for the Mastercard® Credit Card Conversion:


January 22, 2021Applications for Hickam FCU Classic, Gold, and Platinum Mastercard credit cards suspended to allow for conversion. All pending Classic, Gold, and Platinum Mastercard credit card applications in progress are targeted to be approved by February 5, 2021.
January 29, 2021NEW Hickam FCU Mastercard Credit Cards mailed to current cardholders. Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery. Upon receipt of New cards, please safely secure it until February 22. Do not attempt to use or activate cards prior to February 22.
February 22, 2021OLD Hickam FCU Mastercard Credit Cards become INACTIVE after 4:00 am HST (9:00 am EST) on this date. Please shred or destroy old cards.
February 22, 2021ACTIVATE NEW Mastercard Credit Cards after 4:00 am HST (9:00 am EST) as instructed in mailer. NOTE: For recurring charges such as for utilities, cable, cell phone, subscriptions, memberships, insurance, etc. or contactless payment services such as PayPal, iTunes, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Android Pay, please update card information with those merchants.
February 24, 2021Hickam FCU’s new rewards program, uChoose Rewards® begins. Registration is accessible via Hickam FCU Online Banking.


What are the changes?

  • Enhanced safety and security.
    The new cards will include the latest chip technology including support for contactless transactions, that uses unique codes for each transaction thus deterring fraud and keeping your personal information safe.
  • New card design and new look.
    Hickam FCU has opted to use a vertically formatted card design to easily orientate insertion into chip terminals. In addition, the card is flat printed (no embossed or raised numbers) and has all of the personal information such as name, card number, expiration date, and CVV number on the back of the card. Learn more about the new look.
  • Reward points increase.
    Hickam FCU is increasing the point reward benefits from1% to 1.5% to help you earn more on every purchase.
  • 24/7 Support.
    New cards come with 24/7 support for balance inquiries, payment information, transaction history and statement requests. Simply call 1-800-432-4328 (toll free USA).

Credit Card Conversion FAQ

Will my NEW Mastercard credit card have the same numbers and expiration date as my old card?
I have the Hickam FCU Classic Card with Cash Back rewards. What will happen to my accumulated cashback balance?
I have the Gold Card with merchandise and travel rewards. What will happen to my accumulated points with this card?
What will happen to SecureLock?
What will happen to the eZcard Info feature that I use to review my credit card statement and make payments?
Will there be a Cash Advance fee or changes to any other fees?
What happens to the current Secured Credit Cards with limits less than $3,000?
Can members opt out of the new Credit Card program by phone?
Both primary owner and spouse have Hickam FCU Mastercard credit cards with the same card number, but only the primary owner received their card in the mail. Will the spouse be receiving a new card?
What do members need to do if they have preauthorized or recurring payments that are tied to their existing Hickam Federal Credit Union Card?
Will members need to send their payment to a new location after conversion?
If members have my monthly Credit Card payment as an automatic ACH transfer, payroll deduction, or recurring transfer, do they need to make any changes?
Will members previous card history transfer to their new card?
Will the fraud security alert phone number change?


Key dates for the Mastercard® ATM/Debit Card Upgrade:

January 25, 2021Hickam FCU upgrading to new ATM/Debit Card Platform 9:00 pm to 4:00 am HST (2:00 am to 9:00 am EST). ATM withdrawals and point-of-sale debit card transaction services will be limited. Shared branching, other account inquiries and transfers will not be available.
Summer 2021NEW Hickam FCU Mastercard ATM/Debit Cards mailed to current cardholders.
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