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Hickam FCU
First Credit Card

Credit cards are financially safer and more convenient to use compared to cash, checks, and debit cards. Our cards include the latest chip technology and support for contactless transactions. The Hickam FCU Access Mastercard® is a great starter credit card for those who have little to no credit history.

Access Shared Secured Mastercard Credit Card Image

Hickam FCU Access Mastercard®

  • Credit card limit from $3,000 to $4,000.
  • Share secured credit card limit from $1,000 to $3,000.

Apply Here
Give us a call at 808-432-9888 to learn more.


Set Up Autopay

Set up convenient electronic bill payment from your checking account to ensure your Hickam FCU credit card bills get paid on time - automatically.

There are three easy payment options: make the minimum payment, pay off entire balance in full, or pay a fixed amount each month. Contact us, stop by any branch or do it yourself through Electronic Customer Service as a Hickam FCU Online Banking user.

Check Your Credit Card Information.

Check your credit card balance, make payments, view transactions and pending activity, request statements and receive custom e-mail alerts through Electronic Customer Service. Sign-up and access this service as a Hickam FCU credit cardholder with Hickam FCU Online Banking.

Sign Up for Credit Card eStatement.

GO GREEN! Sign up for credit card eStatements as a Hickam FCU credit cardholder with Hickam FCU Online Banking.

Credit card eStatements are:

  • More Secure: You log in to a secure website to view your statements, unlike paper which is sent to an unsecure mailbox.
  • Faster: eStatements are available online three to five times faster than paper statements that arrive in the mail.
  • More Convenient: You’ll receive notices when your eStatements are available and you can access them for up to 24 months, anytime – online. You also have the option to save them to your computer or print them out.


Repayment method via Pre-Authorized Transfer from a Hickam FCU share account is required.

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